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Dr. Afrikadzata Deku: Black People Made in The Image of The White Man DVD   
Price:  $7.99 


He may be an unknown name, but trust me when I tell you Professor Deku is a well studied and qualified scholar. 

This lecture is given in New York City and Bro Deku brings it with his intense and fiery style. If you love passionate speakers this lecture is for you.

The brother is Not only fire but he brings a lot of subsatnce as well.  

  • he will fire you up with his passion
  • Get you to Understand the root of the problem of Blacks and whites and why we seem to want to intermix with them.
  • Prof. Deku will give clear solutions in this lecture 

Simply put, If this Brother doesn't inspire you to action maybe you need to check your pulse.


Length: 1hr 30 mns

Quality: Good



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