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Brother John DVD Movie Starring Sidney Poitier - Product Image

Brother John DVD Movie Starring Sidney Poitier   

Price: $10.99 


Brother John is a 1971 movie Starring Sidney Poitier.

It's about a man that always named John who always seems to know when there will be a death in his family, despite not being in touch with them and then returns to his hometown.

Once again John arrives home, to be at his sister's deathbed and funeral.

There is also a strike in town, and the police think John is a labor agitator. The town's doctor has always noticed John and thought he was different and sent for a higher purpose in life. 

This is a thought-provoking movie with a Great storyline.

Well recommended. 

Starring: Sidney Poitier, Will Geer, and Beverley Todd 


Quality: Great

Length: 2 Hours

Rated: Pg-13



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