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This Section has DVD lectures, Debates, and Interviews by various scholars such as Frances Cress welsing, Assata Shakur, Wade Nobles, Del Jones, Rev Barashango and many more. 

They are All Full length and have various degrees of picture and sound quality.

Note: All media we sell can be viewed and heard, we would not sell it if it was not viewable or inaudible. 


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Prof. James Small: Cultural Regeneration- Key to Economic Independence (2 DVDs)

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Booker T. Coleman: The Moors After Spain (2 DVDs)

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The Great Harlem Debate: The Obama Election Was It Good For Black People 3 DVDs

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The Great Harlem Debate #4 Is Hip Hop Good For Black Folks? (2 DVDs)


For any of the other scholar/teachers that we sell in the store, Please click on their specific category listing.



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