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Edward Scobie: The Haitian Revolution Revisited DVD   

Price: $8.99 


The Haitian Revolution is a huge event in the history of the world, especially for Black People.

There here is a reason why Haiti is in the condition we currently see her in. America will never for or get the whooping they received from those committed strong black people that had their eyes on freedom.

This lecture by Dr Scobie will give you a clear understanding of the significance and details of that very important time in History. 

The story of this revolution was a huge defeat of an army that seemed to be indestructible at that time and a few strong warriors, black warriors organized and won their freedom.  

  • How Did They Do it? 
  • Who were the main Leaders? 
  • What was their keys to success?  
All  this and more explained in this lecture. 
This is one of the forgotten stories of our victory over whites that we Must show and know. 
Quality: Very Good
Length: 2hrs





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