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River Niger (1976) DVD - Product Image

River Niger (1976) DVD   

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Starring: Cicely Tyson, Louis Gossett Jr., and James Earl Jones...

This film contains several well-known actors in some different types of roles than the ones we are used to seeing them in. For instance, there's Roger E. Mosely (TC on Magnum PI) as Big Moe, an activist/leader & Glynn Turman (Cooley High & the TV show, A Different World) as Jeff, who has just come home from flight school and is trying to stay out of trouble, but yet at the same time help the cause and his friends.

With this movie, we get to see James Earl Jones (Johnny) as a regular everyday working man, a house painter, who just happens to have a knack for some of the most beautiful poetry around. Though he has his own problems, he still tries the best way he knows how to support his family. He is very proud of his son Jeff's accomplishments in flight school and wants more than anything to see him in his uniform.

Cicely Tyson plays the ever-supporting wife, Mattie, who loves her husband (despite his 'ways') and family more than anything in the world. She tries to keep herself together even though she and her family are facing some very trying times. The grandmother, Geneva Wilhemnia Brown, is played by the lovely Hilda Haynes. She adds a bit of comic flair at times to the film and interacts especially well with Johnny.

The talented Lou Gossett is Johnny's best friend & confidante, who often has to bail him out. These are two buddies who really love each other, even though they rib on each other a lot.

The role of Anne was brilliantly done by Jonelle Allen as Jeff's fiancé. In this film, Johnny & his son, Jeff must ultimately choose between what is right & what is best for the family. These two strong-willed, passionate men are more alike than they realize and Mattie often has to be the voice of reason & neutrality. A well made film, though it doesn't seem to be too well known.

This is the film adaptation of an off-Broadway play that garnered a Tony! Enjoy this worthwhile family drama!

Quality: Good

Length: 105 mins



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