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Slaves with Swag By: Daryl T. Hinmon - Product Image

Slaves with Swag By: Daryl T. Hinmon   

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Your grade school education left you with the very false impression that all slaves were either

  • Submissive
  • Simid
  • Illiterate
  • Severely Broken Down
  • Dirt poor

Some may have been, but many we're not.

A large number of the slaves fought back, became educated, earned great wealth and purchased their freedom, yet you know little to Nothing about them.

Every man on the front cover of this book was enslaved, but nothing like the slaves you were taught of in school.

These were Slaves with Swag!

They refused to be oppressed and mightily:

  • Fought their enslavers to the death!
  • Earned their education!
  • Became Rich and Powerful!

Buy this book and it's guaranteed to improve your perspective of slaves forever.

Length: 150pgs

Brand New



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