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negroes & other essays (Book) By: Mwalimu Baruti - Product Image

negroes & other essays (Book) By: Mwalimu Baruti   

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These essays are merely my way of identifying and explaining this enigmatic wrong so it can correctly be dealt with, finally, forever. In the context of the wisdom of those who have earned the right to be called elders and ancestors, we must walk their path if we are to eliminate this chaos from humanity. In this quest, Afrikan warrior scholars must know we owe our people, answer only to the Universe and can no longer allow Europeans to spread their destructive confusion. Of this, there can be no doubt." These eleven essays by Larry D. Crawford (Mwalimu A. Bomani Baruti) speak to the mentality required of this quest. They include The New Humanity, Shackles, The Cultural Continuum, The Truth of Liars, Inner Vision, Black Capital, Racism, Colorism and Power, negroes, I Am Not Ashamed, Dedication to an Afrikan and Voices in the Tradition of the Afrikan Warrior.



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